The Wonders of Infrared

There are three main components that make infrared such a useful tool.

Dark areas reveal moisture


You are able to see things in infrared that you can’t see with the naked eye.

Moisture behind a wall or ceiling can be seen with an infrared camera. Air leakage around doors, windows and ceiling lights and attic access. None of those things are visible to the naked eye.


Everything about infrared is noninvasive and nondestructive.

The surface doesn’t have to be disturbed in any way, or moved to see what we need to be looking at.


It is a picture of things in real time. It reveals what is going on right now.

Is there water there now, is the wax ring on the toilet leaking now? It makes it so that if repairs needed to be done we could come back and see if they were done correctly. Meaning, insulation was put into an area where there was a cold spot or if there was moisture within a wall that needed to be addressed.

Both photos show air leakage. The top image is leakage around a can light. The lower image is attic access.

Can light

Attic access